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Facebook Group Marketing for Professional Organizers

If done correctly, local Facebook groups can be a significant driver of new leads for an organizing business. In less than four months, we’ve generated over $18,500 just from Facebook group leads alone!

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Why Facebook Groups?

Local Facebook groups are untapped resources that, when leveraged correctly, can significantly drive new leads to your organizing business.

By mastering the art of engaging with these groups, you can bypass costly advertising and see immediate results.

Our method utilizes these groups to not only reach potential clients but also to build a community around your services. Here’s why Facebook groups are indispensable for your marketing strategy:

  • Immediate Engagement: Post your message and see real-time interactions. No waiting is necessary.
  • Cost-Effective: Save on advertising fees with a free platform that reaches your target audience directly.
  • Proven Success: We’ve honed our strategies through extensive experience, finding the formula that works for generating leads.
Local Facebook Group Post

Tailored Group Lists and Ready-to-Use Posts

To make your entry into Facebook group marketing as smooth and effective as possible, we provide a comprehensive toolkit designed specifically for professional organizers:

  • Customized Group Spreadsheet: Get a spreadsheet of approximately 25 Facebook groups that are most relevant to your local area and target market. This list is handpicked to ensure you’re engaging with potential clients right where they are.
  • Plug-and-Play Templates: Access a Google Doc filled with several templated post ideas. These templates allow you to quickly personalize your message with your business information and start posting immediately.

This toolkit not only saves you time but also maximizes your potential lead generation by targeting the right groups with the right messages.

Facebook Groups Marketing Spreadsheet Example

Your Investment

Choose an option best suited for your organizing business below.


Up to 25 Facebook groups and post templates included
$ 299
  • Up to 25 Facebook groups local to your area
  • Plug & play Facebook post templates document


50+ Facebook groups and post templates included
$ 499
  • 50+ Facebook groups local to your area
  • Plug & play Facebook post templates document

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