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Learn one-on-one how to launch and grow your professional organizing business from someone who’s already done it!

Strategies to Launch and Grow Your Professional Organizing Business

Are you an aspiring or current professional organizer looking to launch or grow your business? If so, we highly recommend exploring one-on-one online virtual coaching to receive personalized support and guidance tailored to your unique needs!

With virtual coaching, we’ll work directly with you to help you overcome the challenges of starting or scaling your organizing business. These sessions can provide a roadmap for success, whether you’re looking for the proper steps to launch your business, establish your brand identity, or build your client base.

You’ll receive feedback on your work, gain insights into best practices, and receive tailored recommendations for areas where you can improve.

Meet Your Coaches!

At My Professional Organizer, we’re dedicated to helping individuals simplify their lives through organization. Our team consists of Olivia Parks, with her background in professional organizing, and Aaron Traub, with his expertise in digital marketing. Our team brings a unique blend of creativity and efficiency to the table. 

We aim to assist professional organizers in streamlining their routines and growing their organizing businesses using the same steps we used. We’re here to share our knowledge and expertise to help make that a reality for you!

Owners of My Professional Organizer Olivia Parks and Aaron Traub

Improve Your Marketing

Learn How to Work With Clients

Conducting Organizing Sessions


We’re here to answer any questions you have regarding organizing, decluttering, working with clients, marketing, what software we use, and much more!

One Hour


One-Hour Coaching Call

One-hour custom-tailored coaching session.

Two Hours


Two-Hour Coaching Call

Two-hour custom-tailored coaching session.

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Take the Next Step!

Are you ready to take the next step in your professional organizing business?

We can help with the following:

  • Creating a solid foundation for your business by adopting industry best practices 
  • Mastering the terminology of the professional organizing trade and communicating your ideas and strategies clearly
  • Distinguishing between your personal brand and the branding of your business
  • Crafting a targeted marketing plan to appeal to your ideal clients and generate leads
  • Streamlining your client onboarding process to ensure that it is efficient and effective
  • Balancing the day-to-day tasks of running your business with the need to work on the big-picture goals
  • And More!
If you’re ready to launch or grow your professional organizing business, contact us online or use our form below. 

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