My Professional Organizer

My Professional Organizer

Giving You the Resources to Grow Your Organizing Business to Six Figures

Providing you with the support to organize any area of your home and to grow your professional organizing business to six figures and beyond.

A 7-Step Checklist for Launching Your Professional Organizing Business

Over 14 pages of material!

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Owners of My Professional Organizer Olivia Parks and Aaron Traub

Meet Olivia & Aaron

At My Professional Organizer, we're dedicated to helping individuals simplify their lives through organization. Our team, consisting of Olivia Parks, with her background in professional organizing, and Aaron Traub, with his expertise in digital marketing, bring a unique blend of creativity and efficiency to the table.

Our goal is to assist others in streamlining their routines and growing their professional organizing business. We're here to share our knowledge and expertise to help make that a reality for others.

Coaching and Training

Our Services

1 on 1 Coaching

One-on-one virtual coaching help for all areas of your professional organizing business.

Organizing & Operations Training

Giving you the understanding and know-how to launch your business, grow, and scale it.

Marketing Help

Professional marketing help from web design, social media, SEO, and local marketing strategies.


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